from the Principal

It is a matter of great delight and satisfaction that STS College of Nursing has started its journey with a noble aim to set an example of excellence in the field of nursing in Bangladesh. As the Founder Principal of this college, I am really proud to be one of the pioneers of this noble voyage.

We all know that Bangladesh is blessed with innumerable talented young minds that are eager to take the nation forward with their intellect and enthusiasm. Apart from being a noble profession, Nursing has also become crucial for the development of the country. It is an essential component in the health sector. Besides, graduates from nursing colleges are going abroad and thus contributing to both the remittance and the glory of the country. It is really heartening to see that interest in studying Nursing courses is growing fast in Bangladesh. However, there is still an acute shortage of quality nurses in our country. The reason may be that there are still not enough good nursing colleges in Bangladesh. Besides, the more meritorious students are yet to be drawn to the study of nursing. I strongly believe that a modern nursing college like ours with the state- of- the- art facilities will make unprecedented contribution in overcoming these problems.

Before launching Nursing course in STS College of Nursing, enough researches were done and it was found that there is immense demand of this profession both home and abroad. I firmly believe that the prospective students of this course will attain useful and rewarding degrees that will offer them dignified lives. STS College of Nursing can assure the guardians that it will equip the students with proper knowledge and skill so that they can compete anywhere in the world job market and serve in their profession with utmost efficiency.

Here, I would like to take the opportunity to convey my heartiest thanks to all the members of Board of Directors, who made efforts to obtain Government approval for launching and running the College. I pray to Almighty Allah to make our journey towards excellence a successful one. I have my best wishes for all our future students - the ‘Little Ladies with the Lamp’- for the holy desire to join this noble profession.

May Allah bless us all.

Nadima Akhter
STS Nursing College